Norbulk Canada

About Norbulk Canada

Passion. Experience. Diligence.


Who we are

Norbulk Canada was created to source and sell bulk grains, lentils, peas, chickpeas, beans and other speciality crops for international clientelle. Though we are based in Canada, our expertise in logistics and customer service gives us a competive advantage in exporting around the world.

Norbulk Canada Inc.

Our sister company, Norvic Shipping International Ltd., operates ocean going vessels with a focus on the shipment of dry bulk commodities. Having built a chartered fleet of vessels over the last several years, Norvic is uniquely positioned to offer better business opportunities and efficient bulk commodity transportation services in the global shipping industry.     

What we do

Here are some of the products that we sell. If you don't see one that you are looking for, give us a call.

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With a focus on long term business relationships, Norbulk can provide a secure pipeline for Specialty Crops and Bulk Grains to be exported to ANYWHERE in the World.

How we do it

Farm--- Processing ---Rail ---Packing--- Shipping --- Delivery!

Farm to Delivery Illustration

Leveraging our valued global business relationships, we use our background in logistics to create a seamless trading experience.

What We Stand For


At Norbulk Canada, we have a great deal of pride in how we care for our customers, treat our colleagues, and conduct our business. We pride ourselves in abiding by a business philosophy that underscores our commitment and enthusiasm. We are passionate about our brand, business and people.

This is what we stand for:

  • Responsiveness, accessibility and problem-solving
  • Creating the right solutions for our customers
  • An unshakeable commitment to our valued long-term relationships
  • Professionalism, adaptability and personal relationships
  • A strong customer focus